Partnering with Ascend Dental Provides Dr. Joshua Perry of Ponte Vedra Family Dentistry with Confidence to Grow His Practice

Josh Perry, a prosthodontist and owner of Ponte Vedra Family Dentistry, has been a client of Ascend Dental for eight and a half years. Josh and his seven employees at Ponte Vedra Family Dentistry are committed to treating the whole family and creating dental treatment plans for each personal need. As a client of Ascend, Josh appreciates that the Ascend Dental team, led by Steve Phillips, CPA, treat their relationship with the same level of care and concern.

“We are able to focus on our patients without being distracted by financial or back office issues because we have such confidence in Ascend Dental to expertly manage our accounting and tax services,” said Josh.

“In this way, Ascend aligns perfectly with Ponte Vedra’s values.”

As a sole doctor in a top-tier practice, Josh admits it can be stressful taking care of patients as well as his seven employees. From his perspective, Ascend Dental was the perfect fit to outsource their accounting and tax work because they offer specialized dental accounting expertise and were also highly recommended by friends and coworkers.

“The COVID-19 pandemic struck and my business could have struggled, as so many practices did during that time, but Steve helped us navigate the shutdowns so we wouldn’t have to shutter our doors for good, like so many businesses unfortunately had to.”

Ascend Dental CPA Group helped Josh take advantage of PPP loans and understand the tax implications of doing so while keeping their finances on track. “Having a team of trusted advisors backing us during all stages of our growth is invaluable. We were able to stand steady and come out of the pandemic stronger than ever, thanks to Steve and our partners at Ascend Dental CPA Group.”

The Ascend Dental Team can assist your practice, too. Learn more about the right Key Practice Indicators that will keep your practice healthy by downloading our Dental Practice Benchmark Analysis guide or by contacting us directly for a complimentary consultation.